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Title音樂不分你我 The Music of Our Unity | Colour of Voices | TEDxPetalingStreet
DescriptionColour of Voices,被譯為充滿色彩與層次的聲線,屬於”無伴奏合唱“ (A Cappella)的特色;如同這組合,代表著馬來西亞獨有的多元種族文化。席上 Colour of Voices 演繹了多首不同語言卻耳熟能詳的歌曲,充分表現我國各族人民間友睦和諧的特質,因此引起觀眾的熱烈共鳴! The Colour of Voices depicts the voices that full of colours, with its “non-strumental” unique group that harmonises voices; it depicts the uniqueness of multiracial and multicultural in Malaysia. The Colour of Voices plays several songs from different ethnic group, fully depicts the essence of harmony among races in our country, thus, it creates the resonance in the audience ! #TEDx #TEDxPetalingStreet #TEDx茨廠街 #Momentum2016 #敢動2016 #ColourOfVoices 大馬跨種族阿卡貝拉組合 成立于2014 年,由主音Asnal、男高音 Ikhwan、男中音Joe、貝斯 Jaswan 和口技 TuxBoNic 吴俊利组成。因喜爱音乐,并享受不分你我,让“音色”超越肤色的合唱,体现 彼此尊重、包容所带来的和谐与默契。Colour of Voices (C.O.V) 除了在各个大小型的场合表演,互联网上还流传着他们精彩的作品,上千万的浏览量加上报章媒体、电台与电视台的报道,都是激励着他们继续走下去的力量,用无伴奏的合唱艺术,为大众带来更多感动! Malaysia Crossed Racial A Cappella Group . This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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