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Title冲上云霄 Soaring into the Sky | 林钜兴 Captain Lim Khoy Hing | TEDxPetalingStreet
Description你經常出國飛行,但你對飛機、飛航瞭解有多少呢? 航行中大小事,沒想像中複雜難解。與其憂心,不如了解而安心。 亞航長途與亞航的模擬飛行導師Captain Lim林鉅興在2015年TEDxPetalingStreet【­行跡】年會中,敘說著「飛行」這件事。 #TEDxPetalingStreet #ThePath Captain Lim Khoy Hing is an ex-airline pilot of Malaysia Airlines. He has flown the latest fly-by-wire planes such as the Boeing 777, Airbus A320, A330 and A340. He has logged a total of 25,500 flying hours, about 20 trips to the moon and back. He started his flying career in the Royal Malaysian Air Force, having been trained by the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom in 1967. After 12 years in the service, he joined Malaysia Airlines. In 2006, he joined low-cost carrier AirAsia, then its long-haul sister airline AirAsia X until 2011, when he retired at the age of 65. He is a simulator flight instructor for AirAsia X and AirAsia. He also trains airlines pilots at the Asian Aviation Centre of Excellence located near Kuala Lumpur International Airport. 亚航长途与亚航的模拟飞行导师。前民航飞机师林钜兴在大马皇家空军开始他的飞行生涯。1979年加入马航,2006年加入亚航,随後转为亚航长途服务,直至2011年退休。离开马航前,他有幸驾驶最新的「电传飞行操控系统」飞机,如波音777与空中巴士A320等。他一生对飞行热情洋溢,个人写下2万5千500小时的飞行记录,約莫来回月球20次,至今仍从事飞机师培训工作。更多资讯,请浏览 This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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