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Title原味的驚喜 Original Flavours Surprises | 梁文心 Sum Leong | TEDxPetalingStreet
Description梁文心立志用本地咖啡豆來泡製真正屬於馬來西亞的咖啡;這不止是豆原咖啡館的使命,該空間也是一個讓馬來西亞人能多了解馬來西亞咖啡文化之場所。另外,她也積極開設咖啡鑑賞班,讓咖啡愛好者們能與她一起學習,並認識咖啡之種種。 梁文心Sum Leong,豆原創辦人,做了15年咖啡,幫別人開咖啡館,自己開咖啡館,做咖啡雜誌,最後一件關於咖啡的決定是2009年創辦豆原咖啡館。決定從這個品牌開始,從源頭開始做咖啡,還原咖啡,跳脫一般思維,做出自己的風格。尋找源頭的過程中開始認識原材料,發現大地深藏的力量,意識到本土有許多被遺忘的美味;如咖啡豆、班蘭葉、香茅、芒果和櫻桃番茄等等,開始將所有味道當成遊戲來調配,過程中發現馬來西亞自家種植的Liberica咖啡豆,經過豆原的細心處理後會帶來味覺上的衝擊與驚喜,重新以趣味的角度看待被遺忘的咖啡,也重新認識“原味”的各種面貌。 Sum Leong found her true calling in coffee some 15 years ago. The founder of Typica Café has been involved in different aspects of a coffee business – she has helped starting up a café, opened her own coffee house and published a coffee magazine. These endeavours culminated in a coffee brand, Typica, in 2009. Typica Coffee is about going back to the basics – it traces coffee to its origin to bring out the truest taste of coffee. Determined to think out of the box, she has successfully established a unique brand in the world of coffee. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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