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Title田野采集,從網路到馬路 | 洪菀璐 Luisa Hung | TEDxPetalingStreet
Description馬來西亞有那麼多豐富的文化習俗,為何沒人想去了解呢?來自臺灣的大馬媳婦洪菀璐,自學習城市速寫技能後,開始與大眾近距離對話,並用畫筆與文字記錄了本地各族群與籍貫的節慶文化,同時書寫自己人生的百科全書。 Malaysia is a rich cultural tapestry. So why do we take our country for granted? Luisa Hung is a Taiwanese based in Penang, Malaysia. After learning how to do urban sketching, she starts her exploration journey through having dialogues with the public on cultural topics, folk beliefs and records them in her field notes as well as sketches. Eventually, adding on many exciting chapters to her life encyclopedia. #TEDx #TEDxPetalingStreet #TEDx茨廠街 #Momentum2016 #敢動2016 #LuisaHung #洪菀璐 田野採集圖文記錄者 来自台湾的洪菀璐,早在学生时期就以槟城作为研究基地。来到槟城後,在陈耀威文史建筑研究室从事文史研究与修复工作。婚後度过了四年半的全职妈妈生活,因参与槟城速写重拾画笔。目前是自由研究工作者,从事插画工作, 以常(平)民式图文探讨在地议题,定期在平面媒体和儿童刊物发表,将触角伸入社区,遇上了许多奇人轶事。《 妈妈的田野笔记》是她的第一本书,诠释着她对文化习俗与宗教活动内涵的解读—「出走华人国,唐番双栖」。 Field Sketch Researcher A foreigner spouse from Taiwan, Luisa WanLu Hung used to work as a heritage architect and researcher in Penang. Six years ago, Luisa joined the Urban Sketchers Penang as a way to seek some relief from the burden as a full-time mother. She loves to sketch and write about local cultures and traditions and has been involved in a number of local community projects. She uses print media as well as online social media as a platform to interact with people and reach out to the like-minded. She is keen to communicate with and “faham” (understand) the non-Chinese world using her broken Bahasa Melayu. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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