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Title迷失的出走 The Lost Voyage | 劉忠萬 Chris Lau | TEDxPetalingStreet
Description“我還沒到位,卻被問及出位。”自由媒體人劉忠萬因背包出走,走进戰亂的敘利亞和阿富汗进行采访而廣被媒體報導,但卻因過多的光环和讚美,越感人生枷鎖。一年前,他思考自己在媒体的未来发展,最终決定報讀媒體系,成為一名全方面的記者,報導戰爭、人文、社会等課題。 “Before reaching the level of competence that is required, I was already asked to take up the exceptional position”, said Chris Lau, the backpacker turned journalist. Chris quickly gained the media attention ever since he traveled and reported war conditions of Syria and Afghanistan. The more attention he gained, the more worried he became. A year ago, he reconsiders his position in media and decided to pursue his studies in journalism and become all rounded reporter in reporting war, humanitarian and social topics. #TEDx #TEDxPetalingStreet #TEDx茨廠街 #Momentum2016 #敢動2016 #ChrisLau #劉忠萬 自由媒體人 一直相信炙热梦想可让冲突纷扰的世界变得更好,刘忠万自19岁第一趟背包旅行后,长期投入战乱丶人权和社会议题报导。伴随时间与心灵成长,和时下年轻人一样,游走梦想与现实中, 接受矛盾和观念冲击的洗礼。冲动和倔强个性,让他即使碰壁也仍坚信自己所选,并从经历中学习诚实面对自己和世界。这些都是来自阿富汗老人的一番话,为他打开行走人生的另一扇门… Free-lance journalist. He believes dreams can make this contradicting world a better place, after his first backpacking in the age of 19, Chris ventured into long term news reporting on war zone, human rights and social issues. Like most adolescents nowadays grows mature as time goes by, he faces the dilemma and conflicts of perception between his dream and reality. Against with the mainstream with his stubbornness and impulsive personality, yet he is persistence on his choice regardless the obstacles. Thus, he encounters the world truthfully from the experience he gained. While his travel to Syria and Afghanistan to cover on the conflicts news reporting three times respectively, he then started a new stage of life after a conversation with an Afghan old man he met en-route. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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