Front Page has links to various pages on the site. Enter your Amara user name to the text box and hit the "Go" button, then your profile page opens.

User Info

This is a top part of User Info page.

Links on the right are pages relevant to you.



The middle part of the page is a list of unpublished subtitles you worked on and their current status.

The bottom part shows your numbers of credits and a graph of monthly number of subtitles.


This is Timeline page that puts titles of your subtitles on a time-line (Blue: translation, Green: transcription, Yellow: review, Red: approval)

Published Works

This is Published Works that lists published subtitles you worked on in reverse chronological order. Links are to the video pages ( or YouTube).


This is Collaborators page that lists your review partners in the past. You can sort the list in the order of "Last time you worked with", "Number of times you reviewed", and so on.


Tasklist shows all the tasks of a language. You can filter tasks with (1) target language, (2) source language, (3) role (translate/review/approval/transcribe), (4) project (TED talks / TEDx talks / TED-Ed), Assign status (Assigned/Unassigned), and sort in various orders (new tasks, short videos, new videos, popularity, assignee).

Task information displayed are title (for non English talks, English title is also shown when it is available), role, original language, project, video length, event name, publish date of video, video view count, name of previous contributors.

Click the link "Amara" and you can go to Amara task page of that subtitle for booking the task.

Published Talks

You can see published subtitles of your language with descriptions. It is sortable in the orders of newer-first or popular-first. Button opens a dual subtitles player.

Dual Subtitle Player

This player can show translated subtitles and original subtitles in the same time. (C1, C2 button to on/off each subtitle truck.) Also you can change the play speed with Slw/Fst buttons (20% slower or faster each time you click those buttons). Click <> button to play in the normal speed. Dual Sub Player also can be opened from Video Info and Subtitle Info pages.

Community Stats

This page shows most active contributors of a language community. Here translation reviews and subtitle reviews are counted separately. "En Tran" is number of translations to English from that language. "T+R+S" is sum of translations, reviews and subtitles(transcriptions).

Video Info

Menu [Search - Video Info] opens search box and you can search video info. You can use part of title, speaker name, Amara video ID, YouTube ID as search words.

Video Info page shows various meta data about the video and list of language subtitles (Green: published, Orange: not published).

Subtitle Info

You can go to Subtitle Info page from Video Info page, or using the menu [Search - Subtitle Info]. You can use either English or your language to find subtitles.

Top part of Subtitle Info page is various meta data about the subtitles. Clicking the link "Article form" shows subtitles in article format. In the case of unpublished subtitles, there's a link "->Current task on Amara" that leads to the Amara task page of that subtitle.

Second part is a table of activities (Who edited when and in which role).

The third part is a table of revisions. It shows changed % between contributors. To see details of changes, choose two versions and click "compare versions" button and Diff page opens (see bellow). Ver numbers link to Subtitle page of that version of subtitles (see bellow). By clicking ⓥ link, you can play video with that version of subtitles.

The bottom part is a table of tasks.


Diff page shows differences between two versions of subtitles (Red: deleted words, Green: added words). Changed line has * on the left so that you can locate changes by searching * (Ctrl-F *).

Subtitle (time coded)

This page shows subtitles in time coded format. When there are timing or format issues, * mark is shown on the right. (*t: caption overlap, *d duration is out of 1-7 sec, *l: caption length > 84, *w: width > 42, *c: character/sec > 21)

Subtitle (article format)

This page shows subtitles in article format for reading.

Search User

When you want to see data about a user, you can look up using menu [Search - User Info]. (Also in many part of this site, user name is linked to User Info page.) The search result shows matching users and their primary language and the number of credits. Language drop down (optional) is to narrow down users by their registered languages.

Monthly Publish Counts

This page shows the numbers of published talks for each month and language in the past year.

Monthly Task Counts by User

This graph shows how many tasks each user did in each month.

Growth of Publish Counts

This is a graph of growing numbers of published talks of each language.

TEDx Stats

This is a leader board of TEDx events. It can be sorted in the order of (1) number of subtitles, (2) number of videos, (3) number of subtitled videos, (4) number of English translations, (5) number of TEDTalks, (6) total video view count.

Review Pair Graph

This is a graph that shows who are paired frequently at reviews. (This page takes a little time to load.)

Click the "Toggle" button and the graph changes to directed graph (arrows are from reviewer to reviewee).

Community Map

This map shows which cities translators live.


These bookmarklets are to make it easy to go, for example from TED talk page to correspoinding Amara page. To use bookmarklets, install them by dragging the links to the book mark bar of your browser.