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  1. What Machines Can Teach Humans: Stephen Broughton at TEDxYouth@Indianapolis (2013-02-27)
    English   Greek   Spanish   Italian   Portuguese, Brazilian   Chinese, Simplified   Korean (Translate - unassigned)   Portuguese (Translate - unassigned)   Russian (Translate - unassigned)   Vietnamese (Translate - unassigned)  
  2. The Balance Equation: Allison Melangton at TEDxYouth@Indianapolis (2013-02-23)
    English (Subtitle - unassigned)  
  3. The neuroanatomical transformation of the teenage brain | Jill Bolte Taylor | TEDxYouth@Indianapolis (2013-02-21)
    English   Greek   Spanish   Hebrew   Hungarian   Japanese   Korean   Portuguese, Brazilian   Russian   French (Translate - unassigned)   Romanian (Translate - unassigned)   Chinese, Simplified (Translate - unassigned)  
  4. Make Room for Difference: Tom Taylor at TEDxYouth@Indianapolis (2013-02-21)
    English (Subtitle - unassigned)  
  5. A Lesson from The Rolling Stones: Hannah Thomason at TEDxYouth@Indianapolis (2013-02-21)
    English   Arabic   German   Spanish   Persian   French   Hebrew   Korean   Polish   Portuguese, Brazilian   Russian   Chinese, Simplified   Chinese, Traditional   Abkhazian (None - unassigned)  
  6. Get Up! Get Going!: Carol Kennedy-Armbruster at TEDxYouth@Indianapolis (2013-02-21)
  7. The Oreo Effect: Zoe Walker at TEDxYouth@Indianapolis (2013-02-21)
    English   Czech   Greek   Spanish   French   French (Canada)   Hebrew   Portuguese, Brazilian   Italian (Approve - unassigned)   Korean (Translate - unassigned)   Chinese, Simplified (Translate - unassigned)  
  8. Learn from the Past, Form the Future: Nathaniel Carlsen at TEDxYouth@Indianapolis (2013-02-21)
    English   Spanish   Portuguese, Brazilian   Vietnamese   Chinese, Traditional   Persian (Translate - unassigned)   French (Translate - unassigned)   Italian (Translate - unassigned)   Korean (Translate - unassigned)   Chinese, Simplified (Translate - unassigned)  
  9. The Failure of Diversity: Nicholas Gallina at TEDxYouth@Indianapolis (2013-02-21)
    English   Spanish   French   Italian   Portuguese, Brazilian   Vietnamese   Korean (Translate - unassigned)   Chinese, Simplified (Translate - unassigned)  
  10. You Roc! With Asset-Based Thinking: Kathy Cramer at TEDxYouth@Indianapolis (2013-02-21)