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  1. 5 techniques to speak any language | Sid Efromovich | TEDxUpperEastSide (2013-08-30)
    English   Arabic   Bulgarian   Czech   Greek   Spanish   French   Croatian   Japanese   Korean   Burmese   Portuguese, Brazilian   Russian   Thai   Turkish   Ukrainian   Chinese, Simplified   Chinese, Traditional   Vietnamese (Review - unassigned)   German (Translate - unassigned)   Italian (Translate - unassigned)   Portuguese (Translate - unassigned)   Romanian (Translate - unassigned)  
  2. Select the right relationship | Alexandra Redcay | TEDxUpperEastSide (2013-08-30)
    English   Arabic   German   Greek   Spanish   French   Hungarian   Italian   Korean   Romanian   Ukrainian   Chinese, Traditional (Review - unassigned)   Japanese (Translate - unassigned)   Portuguese, Brazilian (Translate - unassigned)   Russian (Translate - victoria_gorelik)   Vietnamese (Translate - ted_trinh_nguyen6)   Chinese, Simplified (Translate - unassigned)