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  1. How we'll resurrect the gastric brooding frog, the Tasmanian tiger (2013-06-27) (*TEDTalk)
    English   Arabic   German   Greek   Spanish   French   Hebrew   Hungarian   Italian   Japanese   Korean   Polish   Portuguese   Portuguese, Brazilian   Romanian   Russian   Slovak   Serbian   Vietnamese   Chinese, Simplified   Chinese, Traditional   Czech (Review - unassigned)   Abkhazian (Translate - unassigned)   Bengali (Translate - unassigned)   Dutch (Translate - unassigned)   Thai (Translate - unassigned)   Turkish (Translate - unassigned)  
  2. Bring back the woolly mammoth! (2013-05-30) (*TEDTalk)
    English   Arabic   Catalan   Danish   German   Greek   Spanish   French   Hebrew   Croatian   Hungarian   Italian   Japanese   Korean   Lithuanian   Dutch   Polish   Portuguese   Portuguese, Brazilian   Romanian   Russian   Albanian   Serbian   Swedish   Thai   Turkish   Ukrainian   Vietnamese   Chinese, Simplified   Chinese, Traditional   Indonesian (Review - unassigned)   Abkhazian (Translate - unassigned)   Bulgarian (Translate - unassigned)   Bengali (Translate - unassigned)   Czech (Translate - unassigned)   Persian (Translate - unassigned)  
  3. Why and Why Not Is a Matter of Specifics: Kate Jones at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-15)
  4. Rules, Regs, and Reactions: James Tate at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-15)
  5. Bringing back the birds of our dreams | Susan Haig | TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-15)
    English   Arabic   Italian (Review - unassigned)   Korean (Review - unassigned)   Chinese, Simplified (Review - unassigned)   Chinese, Traditional (Review - unassigned)  
  6. Endangered Studio | Joel Sartore | TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-14)
    English   Spanish   Chinese, Simplified (Review - unassigned)  
  7. How we brought the condor back from the brink: Michael Mace at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-11)
    English (Subtitle - unassigned)   Spanish (Translate - unassigned)  
  8. Rewilding, Ecological Surrogacy, and Now... De-extinction?: David Burney at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-11)
  9. De-extinction: a game-changer for conservation biology: Stanley Temple at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-11)
  10. A still life of stilled life | Isabella Kirkland | TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-11)
    English   Spanish   Italian   Portuguese, Brazilian   Chinese, Simplified (Review - unassigned)   Korean (Translate - unassigned)   Chinese, Traditional (Translate - unassigned)  
  11. Tainted Species?: Kent Redford at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-10)
  12. Reviving the American forest with the American chestnut: William Powell at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-08)
  13. Restoring europe's wildlife with aurochs and others: Henri Kerkdijk-Otten at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-08)
  14. Pigeons from Chickens | Michael McGrew | TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-06)
    English   Spanish   Korean (Translate - unassigned)  
  15. Hybridizing with extinct species: George Church at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-06)
    English   Spanish   Bulgarian (Translate - unassigned)  
  16. Genetic rescue and biodiversity banking: Oliver Ryder at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-05)
    English (Subtitle - unassigned)  
  17. Ancient DNA -- What It Is and What It Could Be | Beth Shapiro | TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-05)
    English   Spanish   Italian   Dutch   Portuguese, Brazilian   Russian   Chinese, Traditional   Korean (Translate - unassigned)   Chinese, Simplified (Translate - unassigned)  
  18. How we'll resurrect the gastric brooding frog, the Tasmanian tiger | Michael Archer | TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-02)
    English   Serbian   Chinese, Simplified   French (Translate - unassigned)  
  19. The use of cloning and stem cells to resurrect life: Robert Lanza at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-02)
    English   Chinese, Simplified   Spanish (Translate - unassigned)   Korean (Translate - unassigned)  
  20. Extinction reversal? Don't count on it: David Ehrenfeld at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-02)
  21. De-extinction: Hubris or Hope?: Hank Greely at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-02)
  22. (Some) EXTINCTION IS (not necessarily) FOREVER: Carl Zimmer at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-01)
    English (Subtitle - unassigned)  
  23. How to Bring Passenger Pigeons All the Way Back: Ben Novak at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-01)
  24. The First De-extinction: Alberto Fernandez-Arias at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-01)
  25. Not All Mammoths Were Woolly: Hendrik Poinar at TEDxDeExtinction (2013-04-01)
    English   Bulgarian   Spanish   Italian   Portuguese, Brazilian   Serbian   Korean (Translate - unassigned)