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Title刷新人生 The Refurbished Life | 梁國銘 Dr. Eric Leong | TEDxPetalingStreet
Description當我們覺得我們很累的時候,我們從沒讓自己好好沉澱思考,然後刷新自己的人生;相反的,往往衹會抱怨要放棄現況。執著與任性,很多時候都帶有貶義,但本地著名室內設計師梁國銘博士對此說法卻有些異議。人生高低自有時,完成夢想需要堅持,方能走得更長遠。人生,如同手機,在當機時候重新啟動就能恢復使用。 In life when we are tired of the current circumstance, we have never take a step back to think and refurbished our life, but keep complaining to let go the current conditions. Stubborn and wilful in most time are derogative, but local renowned interior designer Dr Eric Leong is against on it. There are ups and downs and persistence keep the journey long. Life, like a mobile phone, you need to restart when it is not working. #TEDx #TEDxPetalingStreet #TEDx茨廠街 #Momentum2016 #敢動2016 #EricLeong #梁國銘 The One Academy 檳城院區校長 在新山完成正规教育后,梁国铭在新加坡完成他的高等教育,并持有室内设计和商业管理两张文凭,2012年在英国帝赛德大学荣获博士学位。2001年创立个人工作室,同年录制大马第一个有关室内装潢改造的实境电视节目并荣获大马“设计大王”美誉。除了创意总监及策展人,梁博士也是国际知名室内设计师,以及许多国际设计师系列产品幕後的创意操手。他认爲,一个出色且成功的设计不仅要脱颖而出,对潮流趋势的掌握更需要与时并进。 Principal of The One Academy Penang After completed his formal education in Johor Bahru, he furthered his studies in Singapore. Dr Eric Leong holds two major qualifications in both Interior Design and Business Studies and in year 2012, a Doctorate of Art from Teesside University, UK. Started his own design studio in year 2001, same year, he launched his first Interior makeover TV show in Malaysia and entitled him the glamour of “Raja Hias” or “Design King” of Malaysia. He is not only a Kuala Lumpur-based international renowned designer, but he is the creative mastermind behind numerous international designer product series. To him, a good and breathtaking design requires not only bold and outstanding, but also up-to-date and stylish. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
Original Title刷新人生 The Refurbished Life | 梁國銘 Dr. Eric Leong | TEDxPetalingStreet
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